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Cosmetic Dentistry: Awesome Zirconium Bridge

case 3446 Female, 45yo   The lady had a retained deciduous eye tooth because the permanent canine stuck in the jaw bone and never came through. The baby tooth was now getting loose and about to cause a big cosmetic problem!   The tooth was removed, and the neighbouring teeth prepared for a bridge, with the patient under IV midazolam sedation. Guess why an implant wasn’t a good idea? The [Continue Reading…]

Hello World

To the general public, Dentistry is a profession that can seem a little inaccessible and hard to approach. As an experienced private practitioner operating  for almost 30 years, mainly in Wellington, and also London in the ’80′s, I think I’d like to share some insights into dental treatment and oral health issues in general, to aid in demystifying this interesting field. Dental graduates from New Zealand (about 60 a year) [Continue Reading…]