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Cosmetic Dentistry Wellington

Cosmetic Dentistry Wellington

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A sexy, confident smile goes hand in hand with health, well-being and success in interpersonal and business relationships.

Bonding, tooth whitening, veneers and crowns are just some of the “makeover” techniques we can provide to achieve results you will love!

Our state of the art CEREC technology enable us to achieve your desired look in just one appointment:
– no impressions
– no temporary fillings
– no waiting for lab work
– and you can even watch the designing in full colour 3-D CAD software.

Fee guide:

composite veneers                                                         $250 – $350

porcelain veneers                                                       $1,200 – $1,800

porcelain crowns                                                          $1,400 – $1,900

zirconia crowns                                                              $1,800 – 1,900

tooth whitening                                                               $600 – $1,200