Cosmetic Dentistry: Awesome Zirconium Bridge

case 3446

Female, 45yo

retained deciduous tooth with resorbed root

The lady had a retained deciduous eye tooth because the permanent canine stuck in the jaw bone and never came through.

The baby tooth was now getting loose and about to cause a big cosmetic problem!


Ouch! Not much space

The tooth was removed, and the neighbouring teeth prepared for a bridge, with the patient under IV midazolam sedation.

Guess why an implant wasn’t a good idea?

The teeth were unusually small, and there was very little physical clearance for bridge construction.


Zirconium bridge on model

So instead of the conventional porcelain-fused-to-gold material, which would have looked ugly in this case, we went for the new generation super-strong porcelain zirconium.


Occlusal view. Look: no metal!

A beautiful, natural and extremely strong material.


No black line!

With all porcelain bridges, we don’t see a black join line at the gum line which is common with PFM bridges.


A natural smile…a great result!

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