COVID-19 Important Information for Patients

How does COVID-19 spread?

The virus spreads by contaminated saliva or blood from an infected person entering the airways of another person. Usually this occurs when the infected person coughs and infected droplets settle on surfaces where the virus can live up to several hours. If another person touches these surfaces and subsequently touches their face without washing their hands, the virus can enter through the nose, mouth or eyes. Hence hand washing, keeping distance from someone who is coughing, and disinfecting surfaces, is vital for your safety.
For more information phone the HEALTHLINE 0800 358 54 53


Is it safe to visit the dentist for a routine appointment?

The country is now at Level 2 alert status, and it’s okay to visit your healthcare providers for routine care, if you are not COVID-19 positive or potentially a carrier.

You will have to answer some questions to determine your status before your appointment. Measures are in place in our rooms to support social distancing and hand hygiene, etc.

 Treatment procedures will proceed as  before COVID-19 times, as normal practice standards in dentistry for avoiding general cross-contamination and transmission are of the highest order, and are certainly sufficient to destroy COVID viruses.

If you are feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms which could suggest COVID infection, or if you have recently been in contact with a COVID+ person in the past 2 weeks, we prefer to defer your treatment until your risk status has reduced. Please phone us to discuss arrangements.

What if I am self isolating or tested positive and I have a severe toothache or swelling?

If you may be a transmission risk, emergency treatment should occur in a DHB facility and not in private practice. Phone the helpline for advice.