Dental Implants


Missing teeth need to be replaced both for cosmetics and function. Leaving a gap usually leads to problems such as further tooth movement, overloading and breakage, and TMJ joint problems. Single implants or implant supported prosthetics are the best option for tooth replacement usually, although fixed bridges or removable dentures are indicated in some cases.

At Great Teeth we have successfully treated many satisfied patients using dental implants since our first case in 1981 when the treatment first became available in NZ.

Our cases have ranged from single tooth replacement to an entire mouthful of teeth in patients who previously had dentures and found them to be unsatisfactory.

Our modern CAD-CAM systems make it possible to make implant crowns and even multi-tooth implant bridges in just one appointment, saving you time and discomfort.

Guided Implant Surgery is a new development, utilizing the power of modern digital imaging and manufacture to allow the precise placement of the implant in the optimal position with regards to safety and prosthetic design.

Fee guide:

Implant fixture placement  (uncomplicated)                          $2,000 –  $3,500

Implant crown                                                                                $2,500 –  $3,500

( costs of implant treatment may partially or completely be funded by health insurance or ACC)

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