Great Teeth Guarantee


At GTDC we realise good oral health can be expensive and it requires an ongoing commitment.

We think it’s reasonable for our patients to expect the highest standard of care and the use of the best quality materials and latest techniques.

At GTDC we are confident in our skills and systems and we have a long track record of successful restorative treatment (we are still monitoring successful treatment done over 30 years ago!) so we are pleased to offer our patients a 5 year replacement guarantee for all completed restorative work.



All restorative and prosthetic work, which includes fillings, dentures, crowns, bridges and implant work performed by us after September 1st, 2021.

Any such treatment which fails prematurely (within 5 years) will be replaced by us free of charge.

“Failure” includes mechanical breakage of the restoration, delamination, cement failure or loosening of implant screws or restorations.

It does not include secondary decay, fracture of other sites on the tooth (e.g. cusp or root fractures, underlying tooth structure), or pulpitis (nerve infection).


Non- restorative work is not covered as it generally is dependant on factors out of our control, such as patient – specific biological factors.

Examples of such treatment include periodontal treatment, oral surgery, Endodontic (root canal) treatment, orthodontics, tooth whitening, etc.


1. Treatment which is not recommended as the preferred option by the dentist and subsequently fails will not be covered.

2. Treatment which is advised by the dentist at the time of treatment planning may last less than 5 years due to biological risk factors such as compromised tooth structure, poor occlusion, bruxism, poor oral hygiene, poor diet or certain medical conditions.

3. Failure due to accidental trauma or abuse will not be covered.

4. As the success of dental treatment is largely dependant on maintaining good oral hygiene and close monitoring, failure to maintain regular checkups and recommended cleaning appointments will compromise our ability to control risk factors and will invalidate the guarantee.


Your digital patient file records all treatment and treatment planning discussions and is a permanent legal record, which will verify any claim details.
A printed or electronic receipt and guarantee can also be provided if required, but is not necessary.