Great Teeth Really Can Change Lives

stevesteethtransformationsmYou may remember the story of Steve, who had his teeth damaged in a workplace accident. I gave Steve’s mouth a complete makeover. The story was featured on Seven Sharp in November 2013.

I recently received an email from Toni, Steve’s wife, which really goes to show how having great teeth can actually change lives.

Here’s Toni’s email…


Hi Stan

Just wanted to send you a quick update and again to thank you for giving me a new, confident husband!

Steve’s new teeth have given him the added boost he needed for us to pack up from the old rat-race where we were getting nowhere and make the big leap of faith that we’ve always wanted to do.. we’ve shifted to Masterton! We’re living in a fabulous 1904 homestead overlooking the Tararua Ranges and we’re seriously enjoying the slower pace of life here and the friendliness of the people here. Ben is also thriving in this environment.

Steve has a great new job with a boss who really appreciates him and the hard work he puts in.. it really has been like a total, fresh new beginning. Steve really did lack self confidence to do anything out of his norm.. you really have made a difference.

Steve still gets comment on his fantastic teeth.. we really do owe you so so very much.

Kindest regards and hugest gratitude

Toni 🙂