Guided Implant Treatment

Modern CADCAM technology takes the guesswork out of dental implant treatment.

Guided Implant Treatment merges an intra-oral digital scan with a

CBCT (3 – dimensional digital X-ray) to allow digital modelling of the jaw.This enables precise planning of the size, length and angle of the implant to avoid unpleasant complications with vital structures such as nerves, blood vessels and air sinuses and to utilise the best quality bone. Furthermore, it allows simultaneous planning of the implant crown in the ideal position for appearance and function.

This design is then used to digitally print a surgical guideGuided implant stent

This is used by the dentist at the surgery appointment to guide precise placement of the implants.

Guided Implant Surgery using state of the art CAD CAM dental technology allows optimal results, safety and efficiency.

The final implant crown is subsequently made after the implants have stabilised again using the CADCAM guided design and milling process.