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To the general public, Dentistry is a profession that can seem a little inaccessible and hard to approach.

As an experienced private practitioner operating  for almost 30 years, mainly in Wellington, and also London in the ’80′s, I think I’d like to share some insights into dental treatment and oral health issues in general, to aid in demystifying this interesting field.

Dental graduates from New Zealand (about 60 a year) and their standard of training have always been held in high esteem internationally, and the provision of dentistry in this country, being on the whole privately funded, is in my opinion the best model in the world.

That’s because dentists in private practice can make their treatment plans to best suit their patient’s requirements, without colouration from agents such as insurance companies, state funded organisations and other third parties (with the exception of ACC cases and Child Dental Health).

Open market forces determine whether a dentist is successful or not and the fee level patients are willing to pay for the service.

It’s pure.

Having worked for several years in Britain’s NHS, the clinical freedom of being in a public system is palpable.

So anyway, this blog will probably expound some of my ideas relating to dentistry,

will probably offer some case presentations,

tips and advice,

news of technological advances,

and maybe answer any questions.

So if you’re interested,

welcome to my world

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