Help for Dental Phobics

We’ve been around long enough to know that for many people a visit to the dentist can send stress levels soaring. My goal is to make visits as easy as possible for my patients.

We’ve seen the unfortunate end results when anxious patients put off visiting the dentist for years – even decades, until their only option is to get help for severe pain or debilitating infection.

For a dental phobic, being forced to attend under emergency conditions and acute pain is the most stressful, painful, expensive, and technically most difficult approach to dental care.

At Great Teeth, we’ve identified the main factors that prevent dental phobics from attending the dentist regularly, and have come up with options to help:

Fear of Pain, Noise, Dental Smells, Vibration, Gagging, Choking

Most patients are happy to be managed with Local Anaesthetic injections (in the mouth). With fine gauge, teflon coated equipment, and topical anaesthetic cream, and my technique, discomfort is minimised.

Lauging Gas (Nitrous Oxide) is given through a nosepiece, and for most people is effective as a relaxant and mild painkiller. It is often combined with local anaesthesia. Penthrox inhalers have a similar effect, but are patient controlled with a puffer the patient holds.



Like all healthcare, good dentistry is expensive, but nevertheless necessary and a predictable expense that should be part of the household budget. In NZ the cost is borne totally by the patient in most cases (they are not paying additionally through their taxes as they do for their medical doctor or drugs), and there is a notable abscence of insurance cover for general dentistry by health insurance companies.

Our fees at GTDC are midrange, and lower than most CBD practices, but we realise that sometimes a patient may have trouble financing their treatment. At Great Teeth, we don’t want cost to be a barrier to good dental health care.

If a patient does need dental work after years of avoiding the dentist, we assist financial management by offering a treatment plan after the initial consultation. This is a written estimate of the cost of treatment, prioritizing the most urgent work, and indicating over what period the treatment could be spread out. This allows people to build it into their budget and pay more comfortably.

We can often offer alternative options, although are reluctant to compromise ideal treatment on the grounds of finance.

We can offer payment options in many cases, a common plan being regular APs over 3 months at zero interest.

Of course, patients have the usual private methods of finance: banks, family, etc.

At the end of the day, regular check ups and treatment when required is the best way of keeeping your dental bills down.

Prevention is much better, and cheaper, and easier, than cure.

Cross Contamination

GTDC runs impeccable systems and standards in sterilization and cleaning, including the latest recommended Class B autoclaves, which are highly efficient against all bacteria and spores.
Our more than enough staffing policy and our appointment scheduling assures that we are never rushed in our hygiene protocols and instrument availability between patients.

Our patients are most welcome to observe our sterilizing equipment and facilities, to assure you that you are in the best hands.