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Dental Clinic Wellington

Stan Litras, Principal Dentist, Dental Clinic Wellington

Stan and his favourite technology, the CEREC machine.



Stan Litras is the owner and lead dentist
BDS (Otago)
Past President NZDA Wellington
Past NZDA Board Member

current member NZDA, current member NZACD 


My family migrated from Greece in the 1960’s and settled in Wellington, which I’ve been fortunate to call my home for most of my life.

I went to Clyde Quay school, Wellington College, and obtained a Psychology degree at Victoria Uni. followed by a dental degree at Otago. I have been in private practice in Wellington for over 30 years and in London for 4 years.

My personal interests include travel, music, skiing, beach holidays, cricket, rugby, mental health and well-being, golf, human rights , drama, movies, karaoke, motor sport, parenting, fashion, politics, Te Reo, dancing, socialising, food, whiskey tasting, cigars, chess, backgammon, video games, photography, reading, IT, AI…

I find working in dentistry to be very exciting and stimulating, with the ever- evolving science, art and technology allowing us to deliver oral health outcomes to our clients which are superior, easier and more predictable than anything that has gone before.

As one of the first Wellington dentists to provide dental implant treatments in the late 1980’s, I have had an ongoing interest in restoring broken and worn down teeth, and improving compromised smiles, and have made thousands of these restorations over my career.

With the arrival of revolutionary digital technology and CAD-CAM dentistry in the past 15 years or so, my enthusiasm has grown and my enjoyment of  patient treatment has increased even further!

I bought my first Cerec system in 2008 and after a few upgrades I am now using the latest generation, Primescan. It’s awesome to get positive feedback on a daily basis from my clients who are delighted at the technology and the fact that treatment can be done on the spot, with no need for a second appointment.

Apart from the technology, there have been many changes in the management of dental problems, with many new techniques and materials helping to make treatment easier, more comfortable and more predictable.

I make a commitment to ongoing education, which I consider is essential to deliver the best treatment options for my clients.

My special areas of interest are in:

Dental Implants

Rehabilitation of worn down teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aged dentistry ( management of issues that develop as teeth age)

KASI       Lead DSA


Hi my name is Kasi and I am a dental Assistant for Great Teeth! Before becoming a dental assistant in 2019 I worked as a Bartender in a local Wellington bar for just over 2 years.

I grew up in a small town in Taranaki for most of my life before moving to Wellington 4 years ago to take grasp of city life and what it had to offer!

Working  in the dental industry had sparked my interest for quite some time before I joined the team at Great Teeth!

To me no day is ever the same. Everyday there is something new to learn and observe! Being able to  expand my skills and knowledge in dentistry has me excited to come to work each day.

Personally I love being able to help our patients feel confident and comfortable in our practice. To be able to help each patient with their health and cosmetic needs, through a positive and friendly dental experience is an extremely rewarding feeling!