Meet The Team

Dr Stan Litras, Owner and Principal Dentist

Stan Litras, Principal Dentist

Stan and his favourite technology, the CEREC machine.

BDS (Otago, 1981)
BSc (VUW, 1977)
Past President NZDA Wellington
Past NZDA Board Member 

I grew up in Wellington, and have lived here most of my life, apart from studying in Dunedin and practising as a dentist in London for 4 years.

I have seen my city develop from a quiet, windy town of milk bars, beer barns, trams, and rugby at Athletic Park, to a sophisticated, multicultural, world class cool harbour capital with top quality restaurants, bars and culture, an excellent climate, a caketin and a safe and happy environment.

And I’ve seen my fellow Wellingtonians’ attitudes to their oral health change from pulling teeth out at the drop of a hat and getting full dentures by the age of 40, to caring about looking after their natural teeth for life.

The days of mouths full of huge mercury fillings, gappy teeth and plastic dentures have given way to a preventive philosophy, computer designed, milled porcelain restorations and dental implants.

It’s been my great pleasure to help support attitude change and bring the best of modern dentistry to many thousands of Wellingtonians. I see the provision of unbiased information and advice, the education and empowering of people to make informed decisions about their health, as amongst the most important parts of my job. In my experience, patients want to be active participants in their health outcomes and the strong partnerships I have forged with patients have been the key to my running a successful practice in Wellington for over 25 years.


Melissa Grant, BOH (Otago)

Our friendly and skilled hygienist, Mel has the perfect skill set to help Great Teeth patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health and prevent future problems.Melissa has worked in the dental profession for many years. Her background in assisting and passion for health and the clinical treatment process led her to further her education. Melissa’s desire to directly influence health outcomes for dental patients as a Clinician resulted in her completing a dual-degree in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy at Otago University.

 Melissa’s dual-degree gives her a special perspective, placing her ideally to understand each patient’s hygiene needs in the context of any existing restorative work and/ or any treatment which may be required. She considers both scopes entirely complementary, and believes that each one makes her a stronger practitioner in the other.  
Friendly, focused and enthusiastic, Melissa has the perfect skill set, knowledge and integrity to help patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health, thus preventing tooth loss and minimising the need for complex intervention. Melissa takes enormous pride in her work, she has a relaxed chairside manner and a superb rapport with her patients.
Being a big rugby fan, and a sports all rounder, Melissa is very switched on to the total health picture. She is highly motivated to help Great Teeth patients maintain a clean, healthy, attractive smile, reducing requirements for corrective treatment, prolonging the life of existing restorations, and improving general health.

Ellen, DSA Receptionist

New Zealand Dental Association DSA Cert., 1997                                              Ellen     

Ellen has been in the dental profession since 1996, and part of the Great Teeth family since 2000. Ellen chose dental because she wanted to work in a service profession that involved the care of people. She has a special interest in helping ease patients’ anxieties about dental visits, and her other key interest is sharing generalised oral health info with interested patients. Ellen enjoys providing scheduling and other solutions.

Friendly, outgoing and cheerful, Ellen is also a great listener and team player. Her clinical background enables her to provide oncall support in the surgery, and emergency sterilising support to other clinical staff during her frontdesk shifts. She is able to interpret chartings and treatment plans if patients have general questions when they call us to make bookings. Ellen’s clinical training and experience has also given her greater insights into the care process than many other career dental receptionists.

Ellen is experienced in staff selection, so she plays a key role in GT recruitment, shortlisting promising applicants and making recommendations to Dr Litras regards each person’s merits.  Ellen relishes opportunities to contribute to the professional development of new dental personnel and provides comprehensive training in frontline services and clinical safety.

Ellen loves her job. She often says that our patients are the best part of her day, and that being in the care of GT patients is not only a responsibility but also a true priviledge! When Ellen’s not working, she enjoys quality time with loved ones, reading, music, movies, documentaries, sea kayaking, photography, writing for enjoyment, tennis, festivals, and volunteer work.