Primescan: At the Leading Edge of Dental CAD Technology

CAD-CAM dentist

The new era of dentistry has truly arrived with the introduction this year of the Cerec Primescan scanner and Version 5 Software from trail-blazing German based company, Dentsply Sirona.

The big leap forward in speed, accuracy, efficiency and Artificial Intelligence opens many doors to patient treatment options.

Patients can watch their mouth rendered accurately on the large touch screen in an accurate (Primescan captures and analyzes over 1 million bits of data per second) interactive 3D model, and any issues, diagnosis and treatment planning can be understood and discussed with the dentist, ensuring informed consent and being a valuable addition to your records with regards to long term monitoring and analysis, leading to better treatment.

Restoration of teeth, implants, dentures, smile design, and other dental appliances can be visualized and then designed with the CAD software and manufactured with the CAM software and hardware, machined out of ceramic blocks in an on- site milling machine or printed out in a dental printer.

Digital impressions are extremely accurate and are not open to the distortion problems of the previous methods of analogue impression, plaster models, and casting methods, resulting  in  a very accurate  fit  and  a better  restoration.

New ceramic materials allow the manufacture of beautiful all ceramic crowns, bridges and implant crowns which have the strength of metal, after sintering in a ceramic furnace.

The Cerec Primescan system with Version 5 software integrates all components of the system seamlessly to produce a perfect restoration that reproduces nature and is well tolerated by the body with no biotoxic effects.

We are excited and privileged to offer this revolutionary digital technology to our patients,  helping to deliver on our Great Teeth for Life mission!