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Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency Dental Wellington

Almost every day our practice has phone calls from people who have either severe toothache, broken a tooth or filling, have infection and swelling, or even want their teeth looking good in a hurry for a special occasion like an important job interview or meeting, or a social event.

We run an ER clinic most days, so if you have an urgent problem call us straight away to see what we can do. Appointments also be made out of office hours via our patient portal or by using the email contact form.

Fee guide:

Emergency consultation.                                                                         $45 - $60

X-rays and other diagnostic tests                                                          $22 - $60

Standard composite fillings                                                                    $60 - $350

Root canal treatment                                                                           $900 - $1,800

Extraction  ( non-surgical)                                                                   $220 - $360