Primescan: At the Leading Edge of Dental CAD Technology

The new era of dentistry has truly arrived with the introduction this year of the Cerec Primescan scanner and Version 5 Software from trail-blazing German based company, Dentsply Sirona. The big leap forward in speed, accuracy, efficiency and Artificial Intelligence opens many doors to patient treatment options. Patients can watch their mouth rendered accurately on the large touch screen in an accurate (Primescan captures and analyzes over 1 million bits [Continue Reading…]

Great Teeth Really Can Change Lives

You may remember the story of Steve, who had his teeth damaged in a workplace accident. I gave Steve’s mouth a complete makeover. The story was featured on Seven Sharp in November 2013. I recently received an email from Toni, Steve’s wife, which really goes to show how having great teeth can actually change lives. Here’s Toni’s email…   Hi Stan Just wanted to send you a quick update and again [Continue Reading…]

Gum Disease

I heard an interesting fact the other day; the gums in an adult’s mouth make up the same surface area as that of an adult’s palm. If your palm was bleeding you would seek medical attention, why is it then that when a person’s gum bleed they think nothing of it? To ensure that your mouth is in the healthiest condition possible, I will outline some of the common causes [Continue Reading…]


FLOSSING Flossing daily is recommend to go hand in hand with tooth brushing to disturb the deposits in between teeth that your toothbrush can’t quite reach. Since starting as a Dental Hygienist, I have found that most people have a complex, for some reason or another, about flossing their teeth. I have many clients sitting in the dental chair feeling guilty for not flossing for some weeks or, any many cases, [Continue Reading…]

Cosmetic emergency: Plan B

So we had a call from a man who wanted to be seen urgently.  A front tooth had snapped off at the gum line and was causing great embarrassment in his business dealing with customers. He brought in the tooth and asked (as you do) if it could be glued back on. The answer was NO. The nerve of the tooth was intact, so the recommended treatment plan was to [Continue Reading…]

A Tooth For Xmas

This patient presented a week before Xmas with a loose crown on a front tooth and a lump on the gum above it. After careful examination, I decided there was a crack running the length of the root. Problem is the patient was off on an overseas cruise next week and didn’t want to wear a removable denture. Solution was a new implant treatment, with the surgeon taking out the [Continue Reading…]

Creating an awesome smile in one appointment!

Discoloured and worn down central incisors were affecting this young lady’s confidence   With minimal drilling, cerec porcelain veneers were made and fitted in one appointment. A lovely smile, and a happy lady!   One of the many advantages of this method is that the patient is involved with designing the shape, colour and size of the teeth at all stages; there are no unpleasant surprises as can occur when [Continue Reading…]

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses can cause excruciating pain, which is often described as being “worse than the pain of childbirth”. When the dental “nerve” dies, pus builds up pressure inside the jaw bone (green in the pic) and can’t escape, causing explosive pain. This patient had a couple of miserable sleepless nights. When he called me I told him to come in straight away. In 5 minutes I drilled a hole in [Continue Reading…]

Fear of Routine Dental X-rays

The NZ Herald published an article this week questioning the need for dental X-rays, implying that dentists take X-rays at an examination to find work to do to make more money (logic?), and linking them with meningioma. This followed a New York Times article reacting to a study published in the American Cancer Society Journal. This study was quite flawed in design and outcomes, according to an ADA review and [Continue Reading…]

Teeth Cleaning – Dentist or Hygienist?

A few years ago a dental patient would attend for a check-up and the dentist might do a bit of a scrape and sometimes polish the teeth. The whole thing took about 5 minutes and was cheap. Now you have your check-up and the dentist says: “you have gingivitis and you should see my hygienist”. What’s changed? Well, for a start, 10-20 years ago people didn’t expect their teeth to last forever, [Continue Reading…]