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Great Teeth Dental Care offers a complete range of dental services in-house. From prompt emergency care to long term maintenance and stabilisation programs. The videos below give further information on some of the treatments we offer, and an indication of the usual price range ( GST inclusive).

Examination and Treatment Planning

You can’t build a house without ensuring the foundations are sound, similarly the road to Great Teeth has to start with a comprehensive examination, which ensures that any dental care is the most appropriate for your mouth.  We use modern imaging techniques to put you fully in the picture.

Fee guide:

Check – up   (Without x-rays)         $65 – $75

check – up and 2 x-rays                     $100 – $120

New Patient examination, 2 PBW X-rays and basic cleaning        $120 – $190

the following additional services are sometimes recommended:

OPG (panoramic) x-ray.                                                                          $110

Full mouth 3-D digital modelling on Primescan                                $210

High resolution Clinical photos                                                              Free

Dental Emergencies

Almost every day our practice has phone calls from people who have either severe toothache, split a tooth or filling, has infection and swelling, or even want their teeth looking good in a hurry for a special occasion like an important job interview or meeting, or a social event.

We run an ER clinic most days, so if you have an urgent problem call us straight away to see what we can do. Appointments also be made out of office hours via our patient portal or by using the email contact form.  Click on the video to see common causes of toothache.

Fee guide:

Emergency consultation.                                                                         $45 – $60

X-rays and other diagnostic tests                                                          $22 – $60

Standard composite fillings                                                                    $60 – $350

Root canal treatment                                                                           $800 – $1,400

Extraction  ( non-surgical)                                                                   $220 – $360



A sexy, confident smile goes hand in hand with health, well-being and success in interpersonal and business relationships.

Bonding, tooth whitening, veneers and crowns are just some of the “makeover” techniques we can provide to achieve results you will love!

Our state of the art CEREC technology enable us to achieve your desired look in just one appointment:
– no impressions
– no temporary fillings
– no waiting for lab work
– and you can even watch the designing in full colour 3-D CAD software. Click on the video to learn about Smile Design.

Fee guide:

composite veneers                                                         $350 – $550

porcelain veneers                                                       $1,200 – $1,600

porcelain crowns                                                          $1,400 – $1,800

zirconia crowns                                                              $1,800 – 1,900

tooth whitening                                                               $600 – $1,200

Implants Missing teeth need to be replaced both for cosmetics and function. Leaving a gap usually leads to problems such as further tooth movement, overloading and breakage, and TMJ problems. We replace missing teeth with removable dentures, fixed bridges, or implants.

At Great Teeth we have successfully treated many satisfied patients using dental implants since our first case in 1981 when the treatment first became available in NZ.

Our cases have ranged from single tooth replacement to an entire mouthful of teeth in patients who previously had dentures and found them to be unsatisfactory.

Our modern CAD-CAM systems make it possible to make implant crowns and even multi-tooth implant bridges in just one appointment, saving you time and discomfort.

Fee guide:

Implant fixture placement                                                           approx.    $3,500

Implant crown                                                                                approx.    $3,500

Clear Aligners With modern CAD-CAM Clear Aligners technology, crooked and misaligned teeth can be straightened to achieve a better smile and a healthier mouth without the need for braces.

Fee guide: orthodontic aligner treatment                                  $3,000 – $8,000

TMJ Problems Headaches, muscular pain around the head and neck, earache, visual disturbances, popping noises, limited opening and chewing function, tooth wear and breakage are all symptoms associated with TMJ Syndrome. It occurs when regular biting contacts have been disturbed by teeth growing out of line, or tipping after an extraction or poorly shaped restorations and fillings. TMJ sufferers often have many years of discomfort and seek symptomatic relief from Physios and other health professionals, but have not found a permanent cure. At Great Teeth Dental we have treated a large number of patients successfully over the last 20 years by determining the cause of the dysfunction and fabricating night guards to eliminate the symptoms, or permanently fixing the problem by correctively reshaping the biting surfaces. Click on the picture for information on TMD

10 thoughts on “Services and prices”

  1. Hello there,
    could you please tell me the total cost of Two dental implants and implant supported bridge treatment ? and how long it will take?

    thank you

    1. Hi Aman
      After your implants have been placed by our oral surgeon and the healing period of 1-3 months, we can usually make the implant bridge in a day. You would need a1 hour appointment for scanning then would return later in the day for 1 hour to fit. Cost for a 3 unit bridge on 2 implants is usually $9,000 approx. note that the surgeons fee is separate and would be about $5,000.

  2. Hi.
    What’s the cost involved in having clear aligners and do you accept Bartercard for this?


    1. Hi. That information is already on this webpage. Usually $120 – $190 for exam, routine X-rays & cleaning. If you don’t need X-rays reduce by $50

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