Great Teeth offers a complete range of dental services inhouse

From prompt emergency care to long term maintenance and stabilisation programs.

We create great smiles and great bites and we help you keep your teeth for life with sound advice and prevention systems.


Almost every day our practice has phone calls from people who have either severe toothache, split a tooth or filling, has infection and swelling, or even want their teeth looking good in a hurry for a special occasion like an important job interview or meeting, or a social event.

In a busy, appointment based practice, scheduling an emergency patient can be a challenge, but our systems allow us the flexibility to cater for patients that need to be seen urgently, prioritising people who are in acute pain (who we generally can see within half an hour), people with infections, and people with acute cosmetic issues.

Appointments also be made out of office hours via our patient portal or by using the email contact form.

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Prevention is better than cureKeeping your teeth for life requires careful home care plus regular dental monitoring and preventive care. Our hygienist is not simply a cleaner of teeth, but a personal health coach and educator, helping our patients stay healthy and get the longest service out of the great restorative treatments we deliver.

Our hygienist is available to offer home care advice and recommended products, cleaning, tooth whitening and preventive treatments.

Our smart recall programmes and low radiation, high resolution digital xrays ensure that any problems are caught early on, are easier to treat, and the teeth remain in a stronger and healthier condition. Prevention of decay with fissure sealants and regular fluoride treatments helps ward off tooth decay.

To minimise the need for restorative work, it is imperative to look after the supporting gums and bone. Whether your teeth are heavily filled, or have had no fillings at all, maintaining oral hygiene is essential to keep your teeth healthy for life. Many healthy teeth are lost through gum disease because the health of the supporting structures is overlooked.

Our fully qualified hygienist is trained and experienced specifically in this area.
She develops a personalised oral hygiene problem to advise, inform, monitor and treat gum disease and make you an expert in the care of your mouth to reduce the chance of tooth decay, gingivitis and bone loss around your teeth.


Cosmetic DentistryA sexy, confident smile goes hand in hand with health, well-being and success in interpersonal and business relationships.

Bonding, tooth whitening, veneers and crowns are just some of the “makeover” techniques we can provide to achieve results you will love!

Our state of the art CEREC technology enable us to achieve your desired look in just one appointment:
– no impressions
– no temporary fillings
– no waiting for lab work
– and you can even watch the designing in full colour 3-D CAD software.

More information on this in our CEREC page.


Restorative DentistryReplacing old, leaking fillings before problems occur such as fracture, decay or nerve death, can greatly prolong the life of the tooth.

At Great Teeth we prefer to use white fillings (composite or porcelain) as they don’t contain mercury and they look great!

Missing teeth need to be replaced both for cosmetics and function. Leaving a gap usually leads to problems such as further tooth movement, overloading and breakage, and TMJ problems. We replace missing teeth with removable dentures, fixed bridges, or implants.


ImplantsDental Implants are a new way to replace lost teeth or to stabilise dentures, by placing titanium screws into the jaw and attaching prosthetic teeth to them.

At Great Teeth we have successfully treated many satisfied patients using dental implants since our first case in 1981 when the treatment first became available in NZ.

Our cases have ranged from single tooth replacement to an entire mouthful of teeth in patients who previously had dentures and found them to be unsatisfactory.

TMJ Problems

TMJ ProblemsHeadaches, muscular pain around the head and neck, earache, visual disturbances, popping noises, limited opening and chewing function, tooth wear and breakage are all symptoms associated with TMJ Syndrome.

It occurs when regular biting contacts have been disturbed by teeth growing out of line, or tipping after an extraction or poorly shaped restorations and fillings. TMJ sufferers often have many years of discomfort and seek symptomatic relief from Physios and other health professionals, but have not found a permanent cure.

At Great Teeth Dental we have treated a large number of patients successfully over the last 20 years by determining the cause of the dysfunction and fabricating night guards to eliminate the symptoms, then permanently fixing the problem by correctively reshaping the biting surfaces.