We’re proud of the service we provide and the care we give our customers. We have many long-term customers who keep coming back year after year.

But don’t take our word for it. Here, some of our customers share their experiences.

Neal Andrews

“I have been a patient of Stan Litras for probably 15 years. He is the best of all the dentists I have been to.”

“He fixed a major bridge problem with implants that have had a major change for me. And that was years ago and they are still going strong.

“He has fixed up so many of my dental problems from before I went to him, that now I hardly need anything done.”

“When I do go, he is honest, open and easily able to discuss what he is doing and why.”

“This week he has got a solution going for a new problem that has to be fixed before I go overseas for 3 weeks. He has done that quickly and efficiently, getting me in line for a surgeon and another implant.”

“I am very confident going to see Stan. He is gentle and does not make me uncomfortable or have me in pain. And he is chatty and friendly.”

“I will not change now for anything, and I changed dentists twice before discovering him.”


Hori Henare-Tamihana

I have been going to Stan and his wonderful team for a number of years.

Stan is the best dentist I have had. He is honest, genuine and sincere in his professional approach towards providing excellent service.

My gums and teeth have been transformed to a much higher standard of oral health due to quality of care, advice and much needed work over the years. It is a two way process that takes time and commitment towards regular flossing, brushing and visits to the hygienist and dentist to monitor and evaluate just where things are at.

I continue to listen to Stan and his team to ensure that I achieve a higher quality of oral health and life balance. Thank you Stan and your team.


“Colapop” (Poster on Kiwibiker.co.nz)

“I’m not overly enamoured with dentists but this guy (Stan Litras) – the service and treatment he gave me have gone a huge way to redressing that.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of him.”


Mario Dometakis

“I have been going to Stan for 10 years now. He has gone out of his way on more than one occasion in that time to assist me with any dental issues. His service is second to none. I will always appreciate his expertise, skills and above all service.”


Louise Hamilton

The whole team at Great Teeth are caring, friendly and helpful. I’ve been going to Stan Litras for about 12 years now, and I’ve always found the service exemplary – his approach is very people focussed, he is courteous and cheerful, and you feel as though you are in good hands. I had to make an emergency appointment just last week, and I was able to obtain one the same day!

The new premises in Lambton Quay are spacious and tastefully decorated, so any waiting time (which is by the way always minimal) is comfortable. I’m happy to recommend Stan and the whole team – you’re always sure of a warm welcome at Great Teeth, and the welcome is genuine.


Mike Rodgers

Due to years of neglect I don’t have exceptionally good teeth & dentists have become a necessity for me in order to maintain oral health.

In the 6 years I’ve been a patient of Stan’s I’ve gone from dreading trips to the dentist to actually looking forward to them. So much so that a couple of years ago I stopped getting injections for fillings as I’m so relaxed in the chair with Stan now.

It’s a huge relief now knowing that if I need anything done it can be actioned quickly, pain free & to a high standard at Great Teeth.

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